Our Coffee

our gourmet range of coffee 
Ay! Karamba coffee is a gourmet coffee made from 100% Arabica beans.
Our coffee is imported from around the globe as a green bean, roasted here in Australia, and packaged immediately to seal in all the flavours and aromas.
We have medium roasted, dark roasted and decaffeinated coffees. Packaged in a sealed bag with a 1-way-valve system to release gases and prevent oxidation of your coffee.

Light Roast – Karamba Mambo
a fabulously light, well rounded coffee with a splendid aroma and flavour without the bitterness

Medium Roast – Karamba Samba
our most popular coffee due to its awesome aroma and flavour

Dark Roast – Karamba Salsa
for the strong espresso lover. Not for the faint hearted.

Espresso Bar Roast – Karamba Rock n Roll 
for the strong espresso lover but with a smooth finish.

Medium Roast DECAF – Karamba Rumba
for those who enjoy the full bodied flavour of real coffee, but do not need the caffeine “hit”. Makes a great bedtime coffee too.
Made from 100% Columbian beans which have been decaffeinated by the Swiss Water method. NO CHEMICALS.
And here is the best part – it still actually tastes like coffee !!

Aussie Roast – Karamba Blue
Australian grown Arabica beans roasted to perfection. The only way we could make this one more Aussie is to roast it on a BBQ – but we won’t!

250g & 1Kg bags come with a zip-lock seal so you can keep your coffee fresh and airtight at all times.

ay! pods

New Ay! Pods have been made to the ESE POD standard with 7.5g of coffee per pod.
Each pod is individually sealed in a foil pack which with nitrogen to keep the coffee from oxidising. This method gives it an increased shelf life.
Currently available in cartons of 400 pods. Sample packs are available.

our new organic range of single origin coffee

We have now released our range of Organic Coffee.

After trying a broad range of beans from around the world, we have selected what we believe are the top 4:
Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras

Costa RicaEthiopiaHonduras

our professional range of coffee

Our range of professional coffee is designed with the business operator in mind.

This range targets the following markets:
* vending machine operators
* coffee cart and mobile coffee vehicle owners
* business owners supplying staff with complimentary coffee

Strategically priced to meet your commercial needs, but still retaining that gourmet taste!

our chai latte tea – Chai! Karamba

An exotic blend of Indian spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, ginger, honey) with black tea and whitener.