Make big dollars for your organisation!  fundraising-thermometer1

Who wants to sell chocolates or cookies door to door?
Who wants to do a lamington drive?
Who wants to get up at 4am to pick up donuts in a van or truck?
Who wants to stand behind a hot BBQ cooking sausages?

Not me…!


The Big Question

Why not use our Ay! Karamba Coffee to raise funds?

  •  We deliver Ay! Karamba Coffee to your door.
  •  Ay! Karamba Coffee won’t melt in the sun (like chocolates).
  •  Ay! Karamba Coffee does not go stale (like lamingtons, cookies and donuts).
  •  Ay! Karamba Coffee sets you apart from the crowd of fund raisers.
  •  Distributing Ay! Karamba Coffee orders to your customers is not locked into a specific time frame. You can deliver when convenient.
  •  Your customers can “top up” their order throughout the year – your fund raising account stays open with us indefinitely.
  •  There is a VERY healthy margin for the fund raising organisation.