Mocktails & Cocktails

Following are the true recipes for coffee cocktails available in many restaurants and cafes. Most venues take poetic licence to the actual mix.

Irish Coffee

60mL Irish Whiskey, 2 teaspoons of light brown sugar and filtered coffee mixed together well. Serve in a preheated glass with some whipped cream spooned over the mixture. The consumer should drink the coffee through the cream.

Brazilian Coffee

30mL of Cachaca (a Brazilian Liqueur made from sugarcane juice, shot of single cream, half shot of sugar syrup (gomme) and a large shot (30-60mL) of espresso coffee. Blend together with a small handful of ice and serve in a toddy glass.

Jamaican Coffee

30mL Tia Maria, 24mL Rum (white or dark) and coffee (espresso or filtered). This is served topped with whipped cream and garnished with a cherry. Nothing beats a large red ripe fresh cherry, but a glazed one may have to do if the season is not right.

Cafe Nero (a.k.a. Roman Coffee)

30mL Galliano, 30mL espresso coffee and sugar to taste. Top with cream.

Black Gold

15mL Triple Sec, 15mL Amaretto, 15mL Irish Cream, 15mL Hazelnut Liqueur, a dash of cinnamon schnaps, 30mL espresso coffee or 120mL filtered coffee (depending on how hard you need the kick) and sugar to taste. Top with cream.