What is the difference between Arabica beans and Robusta beans?
Robusta is the lower grade coffee which is typically grown at lower elevations than Arabica. Robusta has more of an astringent flavour.
Arabica is a higher grade coffee which most people refer to as a gourmet coffee. Arabica has more desirable flavours and aromas.
How long will the coffee last in the bag?
If you can resist temptation, our Ay! Karamba Coffee beans will last a whole year in the bag quite easily. Just keep them cool and in the dark.
How can I keep my coffee fresh?
Keep the beans in the refrigerator in a dark airtight container. Ay! Karamba Coffee comes in black zip-lock bags which are perfect as you can squeeze out the air, reseal the bag, and pop it back in the fridge.
We also recommend to only purchase what you need as you require it. This ensures consistent freshness.
Ay! Karamba Coffee is roasted every day. We never ship out a batch older than 1 week.
Should I grind all my coffee at once, or as I use it?
For the best flavour and aroma, only grind what you need as you need it. This helps to prevent oxidation of the ground coffee.
Should I freeze coffee?
The answer is a resounding NO! Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to freeze coffee as freezing tends to draw out the moisture from the bean (even in a sealed bag) and will degrade its quality over time.