Green Arabica Coffee Beans – Ethiopia ORGANIC

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1Kg bag of ORAGINC raw ARABICA coffee beans from Ethiopia


1Kg bag of ORGANIC raw ARABICA coffee beans from Ethiopia.
(cup and saucer in picture are not included)

About this coffee:

Acidity: Bright, good.
Body: Medium, full bodied, rich.
Flavour: Typical natural Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopia is the oldest recognised country of origin and is the birthplace of coffee. in 1960 Ethiopia became a member of the Inter-African Coffee Organisation. Lekempti (also known as Nek’empte) a region located within the state of Wollega, about 6 hours west by car from Addis Ababa. This small farmer’s group has joined the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, which was founded in June 1999. The co-op now consists of 22,734 smallholder farmer members from all over the region.
These small farms utilise the traditional method of intercropping several agricultural products under the shade of the forest canopy.
Lekempti is a smooth and fruity forest grown coffee that also has all the bold flavour qualities of the best Mokas and the floral notes of fine Yirgacheffes. Very sweet and rich, with strong dark fruit and deep chocolate flavour.

How to roast:

There are a number of ways to roast these at home.
For the serious hobbyist, purchase a professional roasting machine for a few hundred dollars and follow the instructions.

If you wish to ‘dabble’ and roast on the cheap with excpetional results, we recommend one of the following methods:

1. Buy a popcorn machine.
Put about 50-70g of raw beans inside and turn it on.
In 5 to 10 minutes or so you will have a great result (depending on the brand/heat of the machine).

2. Use a deep metal mixing bowl and clamp a heat gun to a retort stand (or hold in your hand).
Make sure that the beans are in constant movement (swirling around the container).
Note: Hairdryers are not suitable – they are not hot enough.

Hint: Do this outside as the chaff will blow everywhere.

DOCUMENTATION & EXPERIMENTATION are the key to consistent results.
You need to do this for EVERY origin of bean, as the different origins have different sizes and different moisture contents


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