60 Cape York LIVELY (7/10) Nespresso Coffee Pods

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60 serves LIVELY (7 out of 10 intensity) coffee capsules suitable for the Nespresso® Machine.


60 serves LIVELY (7 out of 10 intensity) coffee capsules suitable for the Nespresso® Machine.

The Coffee
Premium grade
Master roasted
Blended to local tastes
Small batch
Hand selected
Full aroma
Thick crema
Rich extraction
Authentic espresso taste

The Capsules
Individually wrapped
Flavor sealed packaging
Fully compatible with Nespresso® machines
Modified atmosphere = shelf stable
Designed to deliver longer extraction
Patented design
Foil oxygen barrier

The History

In 1606 the crew of the Dutch vessel “Duyfken”, charted the Cape York Peninsula and discovered a place they could never have imagined.

Marking the first European landings in Australia and the beginning of our recorded history, they encountered a land that still remains one of the last true wildernesses on earth.

Inspired by these journeys of discovery and the wild and rugged terrain of Australia’s northern-most point, Cape York Coffee Co delivers the finest artisan coffees in a convenient, single serve solution.

Our flavour sealed packaging and advanced capsule design capture and retain all the aroma and flavour of the freshest ground coffee, bringing together the best of artisan craftsmanship and modern technology in a convenient, delicious coffee experience.

Small batches of the finest coffees from across the globe are blended and roasted in Australia by our master roasters. They capture the spirit of Cape York for you to enjoy anywhere.

From a traditional Italian espresso to a latte or cappuccino, our capsules offer the rich flavour and aroma that brings a true cafe taste to your home or office.


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