Peru Organic – Customer Review

I received my order on Wednesday 1/9 and roasted my first 2 batches of the Peru Organic beans tonight and here are my initial impressions…

The unroasted Green Beans are slightly larger in form compared to some other regions and are very consistent in colour – they look good.

Batch 1 – Medium to Dark Roast

First Crack occurred at 12 minutes / 238 degrees

The aroma cast during roast time to me was roasted Hazelnut & mellow woodsmoke with a typical South American style aromatic richness, unmistakeable class that tells you pretty early that it’s going to be quite something.

Second crack occurred around 16 minutes / 238 degrees

Batch 2 – Medium Roast

First Crack 12 minutes / 238 degrees

Second Crack only slightly longer at around 16.5 minutes / 238 degrees

Again the aroma cast was a rich roasted Hazelnut & woodsmoke with the unmistakeable South American style richness – it’s so consistent I’ve noticed already.

Taste test:

Well these are simply beautiful creamy choc-caramel nutty delights forest berry hints – full, lingering aftertaste, a wonderful almost coppery golden crema regardless of roast style.

To me these Peru gems are a daytime classic perfect for good friends at a good café or after a good meal – a coffee that would take you elsewhere & leave a smile… not too heavy but stacked full of flavor & character that stays on your palate, definitely one of the best I’ve tasted – right up there & impressive !


9 – 9.5/10

But could easily take the 10 with a Master Level roaster.

The Verdict:

Pure class!

This one will be very popular I think – she has a wonderful aromatic & clean lingering aftertaste with so much class – and that’s just with these two initial batches & I will be ordering more it’s as simple as that.

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