Jägerstube in Cabramatta now serving Ay! Karamba Coffee

Jägerstube is the biggest original beer hall in the southern hemisphere, where it is Oktoberfest EVERY day.
Jägerstube began in 2008 when two brothers from Austria and a good friend from Europe joined forces to create an authentic Bavarian cuisine. Jagerstube’s new home is now at the German Austrian Club in Cabramatta.
Ay! Karamba coffee is delighted to part of the ‘brews’ on offer.
73 – 75 Curtin Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Myrtle Park Kiosk now serving Ay! Karamba Coffee

If you are ever seeing the beautiful countryside around Launceston Tasmania, drop in to the Myrtle Park Kiosk at the Myrtle Park Camping and Recreation Ground.

38250 Tasman Hwy, Targa TAS 7259 (GPS 147.366368, -41.311752).

Only 30K North East of Launceston town centre, these beautiful grounds are worth visiting.

Say g’day to Wayne and don’t forget to grab a satisfying coffee while you are there…

Peru Organic – Customer Review

I received my order on Wednesday 1/9 and roasted my first 2 batches of the Peru Organic beans tonight and here are my initial impressions…

The unroasted Green Beans are slightly larger in form compared to some other regions and are very consistent in colour – they look good.

Batch 1 – Medium to Dark Roast

First Crack occurred at 12 minutes / 238 degrees

The aroma cast during roast time to me was roasted Hazelnut & mellow woodsmoke with a typical South American style aromatic richness, unmistakeable class that tells you pretty early that it’s going to be quite something.

Second crack occurred around 16 minutes / 238 degrees

Batch 2 – Medium Roast

First Crack 12 minutes / 238 degrees

Second Crack only slightly longer at around 16.5 minutes / 238 degrees

Again the aroma cast was a rich roasted Hazelnut & woodsmoke with the unmistakeable South American style richness – it’s so consistent I’ve noticed already.

Taste test:

Well these are simply beautiful creamy choc-caramel nutty delights forest berry hints – full, lingering aftertaste, a wonderful almost coppery golden crema regardless of roast style.

To me these Peru gems are a daytime classic perfect for good friends at a good café or after a good meal – a coffee that would take you elsewhere & leave a smile… not too heavy but stacked full of flavor & character that stays on your palate, definitely one of the best I’ve tasted – right up there & impressive !


9 – 9.5/10

But could easily take the 10 with a Master Level roaster.

The Verdict:

Pure class!

This one will be very popular I think – she has a wonderful aromatic & clean lingering aftertaste with so much class – and that’s just with these two initial batches & I will be ordering more it’s as simple as that.

Limited supply of PNG Pea Berry coffee

Our small batch release of Papua New Guinea PEA BERRY coffee is almost gone. Only a few kilos left. These last few have been reduced by 33%. Grab what is left in our online store while you can. Visit our Specials page in the Shop menu.

AGA Club Germania Wollongong now serving Ay! Karamba Coffee

The AGA Club Germania in Wollongong is now serving Ay! Karamba Coffee in the kitchen. Welcome to the Ay! Karamba Family.

The lovely ladies there are skilled at preparing all styles from short blacks to long lattes.

You can even purchase a bag of beans to take home with you. Just ask!

You can find the friendly club at 636A Northcliffe Dr, Kembla Grange NSW 2526


Mocha Shockers


By popular demand, we have brought back the famous Mocha Shockers.

Available in 150g packets only from this online store.

Coated in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Our professional range of coffee

Our range of professional coffee is designed with the business operator in mind.

This range targets the following markets:
* vending machine operators
* coffee cart and mobile coffee vehicle owners
* business owners supplying staff with complimentary coffee

Strategically priced to meet your commercial needs, but still retaining that gourmet taste!

Our new organic range of single origin coffee

Our range of Organic Coffee is becoming more popular each day.

After trying a broad range of beans from around the world, we have selected what we believe are the top 4:
Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras.

But… we will be adding more over time (when we find them!).

Ay! pods!

New Ay! Pods have been made to the ESE POD standard with 7.5g of coffee per pod.

Each pod is individually sealed in a foil pack injected with nitrogen to keep the coffee from oxidising.

This method gives it an increased shelf life.

Currently available in cartons of 100 or 400 pods.